Google Search Trends for Hardscapes

Jun 01, 2020


Belgard analysts did a deep dive into how Google searches in the hardscapes industry were affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Looking at this data provides a peek into the minds of consumers, gauging interest in hardscape projects over the past several weeks. The overall results were positive and provide multiple insights that can be used to direct the marketing efforts of industry professionals moving forward. As expected, search traffic for outdoor living projects took a noticeable dip the week of March 15, 2020. However, it has strongly rebounded and continues to grow.

Google Trends


Understanding Project Keywords

Simply put, keywords and keyword phrases are the search terms that people use to find information. “Top keywords” have the highest overall number of Google searches. “Rising keywords” are search terms that are trending upwards. By including these keywords on a website and in social media posts, additional traffic can be driven to those web pages. These keywords can also help professionals know what types of imagery and projects to promote in their marketing efforts. Overall, the strongest project interest is in patio updates and fire pits.

  • Top project keywords: outdoor kitchen ideas, outdoor grill kitchen, outdoor patio ideas, small patio ideas, and patio firepit.
  • Rising project keywords: patio paver design ideas, backyard fire pit, patio paver ideas, inexpensive patio ideas, flagstone patio ideas, and easy patio ideas.
  • Regional differences: In the South, outdoor kitchen search terms showed the highest traffic. However, patio ideas and fire pit search terms are trending across the rest of the U.S.


Contractor and Installation Keywords

Search traffic indicates that there is a big focus on finding a local contractor and assessing project cost. Data indicates that homeowners are in the discovery and planning mode. Reach homeowners who are in planning mode by beefing up your digital presence, including posting inspirational project imagery on social media. Also promote options for virtual consultations dependent on the customer’s level of comfort. There is also a rise in search terms related to paver maintenance, indicating that now is a good time to promote services like cleaning and sealing.

  • Top keywords: hardscape landscaping, hardscape design, stone hardscapes
  • Rising keywords: hardscaper, landscape pavers near me, how to remove moss from pavers, paver contractors near me, paver installation cost, and paver installation near me