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Dec 07, 2017

The key to maximizing profits is to optimize jobsite efficiencies. This is especially true in today’s environment where good labor seems to be harder and harder to find. Oldcastle offers numerous products that were designed to help improve jobsite efficiencies so you can turn jobs faster and move your crew to the next site.

To illustrate some examples, take a look at the photos below and learn about the multiple products that can help speed the installation of these custom outdoor living designs.

1) Belgard® U Start Base Block™
One of Belgard’s newest innovations, U Start Base Block™ is a universal base course for walls that promotes cost savings and installation time efficiency. With built-in hand-holds for easy installation, U Start provides a sturdy base level for curves, 90-degree corners, columns or straight walls.

2) Belgard® Lafitt® Slabs
With a thinner profile than standard concrete pavers, Lafitt® Rustic Slaband Lafitt® Grana Slab feature large scale units and a modular shape that together provide streamlined installation. These slabs also offer overlay opportunities, which means the possibility of not having to remove existing concrete.

3) Techniseal® EZ Base and DriBond™
A revolutionary new way to install interlocking pavers, Techniseal® EZ Base is a system of high-density foam panels that replace the need for a traditional compacted aggregate layer base system, which can save up to 8 inches of excavation. For thin paver overlays, Techniseal® Dribond™ is an advanced mudset that installs like sand and sets like cement to help eliminate the need to remove existing concrete.

4) Belgard® Fire Pit Kits
Belgard fire pit kits offer a quick and easy way to create the look of a custom hardscape fire pit in a fraction of the time. Options include the smooth, tumbled stone look of the Weston Fire Pit Kit and the rough-hewn, rustic look of the Countryside Fire Pit Kit.

5) Techniseal® NextGel™ Jointing Sand
A true innovation in polymeric sand, Techniseal® NextGel™ eliminates both the dust and haze of traditional polymeric sands and offers 50% faster wetting and 40% faster installation.

6) Belgard® Tandem® Column Kits
Installing an accent column for an outdoor living installation is truly a snap with the Tandem® Column Kit. Simply attach the Tandem® veneers to the column grid to quickly and easily create a new column or wrap an existing post.

7) Belgard Elements Collection™
Belgard Elements™ are constructed in a factory setting and shipped in sections on pallets to be installed using a forklift. With a variety of styles and pieces to choose from, you can install a custom outdoor living room or kitchen in a single day that would take weeks to build from scratch on site.

8) Belgard Tandem® Modular Grid
The versatility of Tandem® Modular Grid allows you to quickly and efficiently build outdoor kitchens, as well as skirt decks, build planters, and create countless other custom outdoor living designs.

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