Tips for Taking Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level

Jan 29, 2019

In today’s business climate, social media marketing is no longer considered a supplemental marketing effort, but a vital way to build your brand and attract both new and repeat business. As more businesses flock to social media, however, it can be difficult to stand out. These tips can help you improve your social media marketing efforts and best leverage the benefits of each platform.


Learn and grow

Each platform offers measurements on engagement in terms of views, like, shares, and more. Regularly review this information and track it to gain insights on what works and what doesn’t. Pay attention to word usage, imagery and subject matter that tend to draw more engagement than others. Make periodic adjustments to your program, as needed, based on these insights.


Make an investment

Regularly posting new content in social media is really only the bare minimum. To get the most out of social media, plan on making an investment and track the return on that investment. A simple and inexpensive way to increase the reach of a post is to “boost,” “sponsor” or “promote” it (depending on the language of the specific platform). You control the budget, and your boosted posts will get in front of a larger audience, not just those who already follow your page. However, if you want more control over who sees your message and where it is placed, purchasing ads within the medium can be the better option over boosting, although more expensive. However, that additional cost can be recouped with a higher click-through rate due to the more targeted audience.  


Not all social media platforms are equal

Each medium has its own characteristics, and although most users use multiple platforms, the mindset is different for each.

  • Facebook: The largest of the social networks, Facebook is a great place to showcase makeover projects in that you can include descriptions, caption individual photos, post both photos and video in a single post, and organize photos into “albums.” Another benefit is that you can post links to other social media posts to help expand your reach across platforms. More Tips: Facebook Marketing 101
  • Instagram: Instagram users tend to be drawn more to visually interesting photos and videos. This platform is where you want to showcase artistic imagery of your projects. There is also the ability to put multiple photos in a single post, which presents an excellent opportunity for “before” and “after” shots that show a dramatic transformation. Remember to include topic hashtags to improve your reach.  More Tips: Instagram Marketing 101
  • YouTube: YouTube is the most sharable across multiple platforms. You can share your YouTube videos on all your other social media, as well as through emails and texts. You can also embed YouTube videos on websites and blogs, which is a much better option than hosting the videos directly on your website. Ideas for this medium include aerial drone videos of finished projects, time-lapse videos of a project installation, or videos on maintenance tips.  More Tips: YouTube Marketing 101
  • LinkedIn: Think of LinkedIn as a trade marketing platform. It’s a place to increase your business network and market to developers, builders, engineers, architects and other industry professionals. Although you can certainly showcase projects here, an even more powerful aspect is that LinkedIn allows you to showcase your industry expertise. Share articles on trends or important news, and whenever possible, write your own articles on industry topics. If writing is not your forte, find someone who can take your knowledge and package it into short articles for you to post. More Tips:  LinkedIn Marketing 101
  • WordPress: WordPress offers another avenue for showcasing your industry knowledge through blog articles. Originally developed as a blog-hosting site, this platform has evolved to offer the ability to host an entire small business website with built-in blogging capabilities. A WordPress site can also be embedded into a larger website. Whether you use WordPress as part of your company website or independently, be sure to take advantage of the “sharing” capabilities, which can immediately export new blog posts onto Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest skews more towards females than the other platforms and is highly visual in nature. This is where people go to get ideas for projects, so it’s where you want to showcase the best of the best. Organize your Pinterest posts into idea “boards” like “Serene Walkways” or “Hot Outdoor Kitchens.” Remember to use topic hashtags, which will bring more traffic to your boards.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a more immediate platform. Users are less likely to use Twitter as a research tool, but instead to see what’s happening now. Messages here need to be concise and timely. Whenever possible, tie in to trending topics and use hashtags to increase your reach and grow your audience.

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