Diamond® 2.0 FSW



Fire Pits

The Diamond® 2.0 FSW is remarkably versatile creating curved and straight seat walls with a labor saving installation design. Combined with the coordinating retaining wall system and columns or as a stand alone element, this wall creates inviting outdoor spaces.

*All colors and/or products may not be available in all areas. Please inquire for availability and special order options.

Carriage House
Carriage House
Oxford Charcoal
Oxford Charcoal
Sheffield Beige
Sheffield Beige
Diamond 9D 2.0 Small Block
Small Block

6 x 6 x 5

Diamond 9D 2.0 Medium Block
Medium Block

6 x 12 x 5

Diamond 9D 2.0 - Large Block
Large Block

6 x 18 x 5

Diamond® 2.0 - Column/Corner - Score Mark Reference
Diamond 2.0 - Column/Corner - with Score Mark reference

Score Mark Reference

Diamond® 9D 2.0 XL Cap
XL® Cap

Front: 3 x 18 / 12 x 13

U Start Base Block
U Start Base Block

3 1/2 x 18 7/16 x 12

Note: U Start Base Block actual coverage length is 16 11/16